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Marilyn Hansen CCI Tuition Scholarship

In Honor and memory of Marilyn Hansen

What is the Marilyn Hansen Scholarship?
This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Marilyn Hansen, a woman who supported clogging through much of her life and was dedicated to the cause of education in the area of clogging instructors.
This grant includes tuition scholarship for the Certified Clogging Instructor Program for two sessions and the application fee worth $310.00.
  • This scholarship does not include travel and lodging.
  • The scholarship cannot be applied to franchise sponsored CCI Sessions, it can only be applied to CCI Sessions offered by CLOG such as sessions offered during the National CLOG Convention.
  • The scholarship must be used in the same year it is awarded.
  • The minimum age limit for CCI seminars and the scholarship is 16 years of age.
How To Apply:
Letters of Application will be accepted from January 1, 2014 through April 30, 2014.  Applicants will be notified by July 31, 2013.


To apply for this scholarship, send a Letter of Application listing your experience in clogging thus far and why you want to become a Certified Clogging Instructor.
Below are examples of what an applicant can include in their Letter of Application.
  • Number of years you have clogged
  • Were you taught in a classroom setting or are you self taught?
  • Are you a recreational clogger, competitive clogger, or both?
  • List your experiences with teaching, i.e. in a studio, Parks and Recreation, your home?
  • Do you teach children, teens or adults?
  • Have you danced on any competition or performance teams? Have you directed or assisted in directing any of these teams?
  • Have you written any choreography, if yes, what levels?
  • Have you attended any workshops, conventions or festivals? Have you taught at any of these events?
  • List any clogging events you've organized.
  • List any educational classes you've taken for clogging
Why CCI?
  • Your letter should also explain why you would like to be a Certified Clogging Instructor.
  • How does being a clogging instructor fit in with your plans or long term goals?
  • Don't hesitate to elaborate in this area. We are really interested in getting to know you even if it's only through a letter of application.
Please Note: You don't have to have accomplished all of what is listed. These are just examples and there is no right or wrong answer. We are interested in learning about your experiences and what your plans or desires are with clogging.
You can email your Letter of Application to Grace.Browning@clog.org, or you can send it to:
Grace Browning
Manager, CCI Scholarship Program
1008 Dunholme Rd
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Questions?  Please contact Grace Browning